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Myrmica rubra colony, 2 gynes and 30-75 workers

Myrmica rubra colony, 2 gynes and 30-75 workers

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Myrmica rubra, the common red stinging ant, also called the European Fire ant! An interesting ant species to keep in an Ant Farm. Now available.

Ant colony Myrmica rubra 2 queens 30-75


The Myrmica rubra is also called the red stinging ant, or the European Fire Ant. A well-known ant species! Our ant colonies consist of a queen with brood (summer period) and several workers. This number depends on the number of eggs that developed into ant (egg-larva-pupa-ant). This colony has 2 queens and 30-75 workers. 
The colonies are polygynous, which means that multiple gynes, queens, can be present in a nest. In this colony are two gynes, they are just slightly larger than regular workers.

Note, these ants have a very clear seasonal distribution, so it is possible that a colony has little (or even no) brood during the autumn and winter period. That comes at higher temperatures in the spring!


Note; deviating guarantee policy

Myrmica rubra is a nice species to keep, but clearly more difficult than for example, Lasius niger or Messor barbarus. We guarantee that the queen and ants come alive, but we can not go any further than that. A colony of Myrmica rubra can die within a few days in case of wrong (especially under too dry) conditions. That is why the lifespan is clearly dependent on the way of housing and care. If something is wrong at reception, that is obviously our responsibility and our risk. This must be reported to us within 24 hours (after receipt) with clear photos. If you are in doubt about the care and purchase of a Myrmica colony, please contact us for advice!

Suitable for

The ant colony is intended for the ant farms of sand and plaster. Sand is preferred here. We also advise to use an arena. The ants can get their food there and bring waste to it. Many products have an arena integrated. In myrmica, this arena is extremely important. They must be able to obtain fresh / moist food here continuously.

If you are looking for ants for a gel ant farm, we advise the ant family.

Packing and Shipping

The colony is in one or more test tubes with a cotton behind the water supply to keep the nest tube partially moist. Due to its size, the colony can not remain in this tube for too long without a care (maximum a few days after receipt). We guarantee the life arrival of the queen. We ship them safely and secure in foil.

Specifications and information

Scientific name Myrmica rubra
Nickname Red stinging and or European fire ant
Difficulty Class 3. Difficult
Queen | Gyne: 5-6 mm
workers: 4-5 mm
Type colony: Polygynous, multiple queens per nest
Type of litter: Nests sand, close to the surface, often under stones
Temperature: Room temperature, 15-30 degrees
hibernation: No, but hibernation. Our advice: slightly cooler 
take around 10-15 degrees. For example, in the basement, 
cooler attic or barn. November-February 
Our experience: even in winter at room temperature
this ant colonies develop well.
Power supply: Sugar or honey water and small insects: 
Our advice for smaller colonies: fruit flies.
Humidity: Advice: Keep a part of the antfarm moist
Distribution: (Western Europe
Advice Ant Farm: Sand (adviced), or Gypsum including the use of an Arena
Comments: Myrmica rubra is an interesting species. They develop 
quick and can also move fast itself. In our experience 
it is really important to keep part of the nest really moist.
Dehydration is a great danger for this species.

These red ants have a sting and can therefore be stinging. They only
do this when they feel in danger and when their nest is disturbed.
The sting is not dangerous for humans and feels similar as 
For the more serious ant keepers,  a little tension in this 
hobby is not a problem right ?! ;-)

Customer Questions
do the 2 queens arrive in the same test-tube? and the 4 queens in 4 separate test tubes when should they be put together for a multi queen colony? thank you

Thanks for your question. The colony is in one tube, this species can have multiple queens, you cannot put multiple colonies together, because they will have a different colony smell.

Does this European fire ant colony come with a queen?

Yes, all our colonies are with a queen. Some myrmica rubra colonies will have even more queens. You can find this specific info for each colony in the description.

what do you mean by 2 gens

Thank you for your interest. 2 gynes means that there are two queens in this colony. Myrmica rubra is pologyn which means a colony can have more then 1 queen. This is only possible when the colony is raised from the beginning with more queens. Adding queens later on is not possible.

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