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Ant's Kingdom General (Master series)

Ant's Kingdom General (Master series)

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The General Antfarm from our Master series, the model of 14 by 21 cm (approximately 5,6 by 8,4 inch) to extend your setup breeding your own ant colony.

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Ant's Kingdom General

The ant farm, molded out of plaster is the heart of your arrangement. A unique handmade Ant's Kingdom product, firmly mounted with the best materials. With this antfarm we believe offering you both the most sturdy and operative product in ant keeping currently available.

Unique watersupply

We carefully designed the ant farm with a unique watersupply. From the centre of the ant farm you can add water with the enclosed syringe, so arrange the best humidity levels for your species of ants. This unique watersupply makes this ant farm very practicle.

Adaptation General antfarm

In the middle of the ant Farm surrounding the watersupply the chambers are very shallow (approximately 5 mm), this makes the colony very easy to observe. The chambers on the outside of the nest are deeper (approximately 10 mm) ideal for the workers to stack their food supply and seeds. All the chambers and corridors are connected to each other. Amaze yourself and watch how the ants make the nest their home and experience how intelligent these extraordinary animals are.

On both sides off the nest we have made an opening which makes it easy to connect the nest testtube with the colony and for example an arena or foodbasket. Choose your arena (or the foodbasket) to complete your setup, we will add the parts to connect them for free.

Ant colony

Mostly all ant colonies are save to keep in this ant farm. Above you can add a colony for a discounted price. We always advice to add an arena/feeding box to your arrangement. Let your ants learn to get their food from the arena and bring their garbage there.

Nutrition set

The diet of ant colonies may vary. Most common ants like Lasius niger and Messor barbarus have a diet consisting sugarwater, honeydew and fruit flies and the Messor colony add seeds to their diet. Choose your nutrition set above.


What is included in the package?

– The Major,
– syringe (5 ml),
– closing plug,
– instruction manual.


Length: 21 cm ( approximately 8,4 inch)
Width: 14 cm (approximately 5,6 inch)
Thickness: 3 cm (approximately 1,2 inch) 
Number of adaptation possibilities: 2 (10 mm openings, one on each side)
Number of chambers: 8
Number of ants: the ant farm is appropriate for up to 400 ants for common species.
Water supply: 1-2 times a week, depending on the number of ants and the temperature of the environment.


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