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Ant Farm Premium Landscape

Ant Farm Premium Landscape

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The unique environment to study an ant colony in an amazing Labyrinth construction. With a natural view of the nest suitable for virtually all species of ant colonies.

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Ant Farm Premium Landscape

The unique Antfarm to study an ant colony. A high quality nest of handmade plaster. Both front and back tightly mounted with 2 acrylic sheets that are securely fixed with 6 screws (bolt and nut), so your ants will never escape anymore. The colony can be connected to the ant farm as shown in the fourth picture visible above (we supply you with the connection pieces for free).

The arena you can decorate to your own preferences and tastes.

This ant farm is perfectly suitable for almost all colonies of species like Lasius, Myrmica, Formica and Messor. There are two connection options to the arena for connecting other nests or arenas. We recommend to keep the plaster partly humid from the top (with supplied pipette). It is optional using a piece of cloth on top of the plaster to keep it moisture longer or directly put in the moisture on the plaster on a more regular basis.

The antfarm set is expandable by coupling hoses and other coupling pieces (like our T and X connections). Because these are handmade nests, the color and the material can vary slightly per product. The images give a clear example.

Chooce your ant colony

Most ant colony species can grow up to hundreds of workers in this antfarm. A Messor barbarus to a few hundred ants. The Messor ant is a bit bigger and has different sizes within the nest (minor / major workers). Select a colony for a special offer up here on the page next to the prices. 


The diet of most ant species like Lasius niger ant colonies consists of a combination of sugar water, honeydew, and fruit flies. A discounted nutrition set can be ordered above. The nutrition set of Messor includes the seed mix that are needed specifically for this species. A set of seeds is sufficient for the first year of a Messor colony up to 50 workers.

Contents of the Premium Landscape product

- Ant Farm Premium Landscape. 
- Pipette to moisten.
- When purchasing a colony also a coupling piece and hose.

Nest Specifications

Length: 15cm
Width: 9cm
Height: 9cm
Connectivity options: 2 (10mm)
Type of nestpart: hallways / labyrinth
Number of ants: accommodate up to 400 ants for most small species
Humidification system via pipette to top
Hunting area arena included: Yes
Ventilation: through plaster and opening arena
Duration humidity nest: 1-2 weeks, depending on number of ants and the ambient temperature.

Arena Specifications

Length: 15cm
Width: 9cm
Height: 9cm
Ventilation: Yes, through lid


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