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About us


Ants are heroes! Ants as pets are amazing. It is our mission to intotroduce this special pets to a public as big as possible and to give the ant keeping hobby a worldwide impuls!


In 2009 Jan-Peter Oudenampsen (Jay-P) starts with keeping ants as pets. The hobby is getting out of hand very soon and @ Ant's Kingdom nowadays we work fulltime to promote the kepping of ants as pets and to make and sell the best ant farm products in our webstore


With unique AntFarms we make the story of the ants visible. Where in nature the biggest part of it all happens under the ground, now we can observe an antcolony with queen and and workers in the living room up close!


We like to make this hobby accessible and availble for everyone. We place much store by Service. So we guaranty live arrival of our ants and we give an extra 2 weeks guarantee for the queen ant. That is how convinced we are about the ant colonies we breed.

Ants are amazing. Ants are great, they are committed to their colony without reservation. In this way they ensure that everyone has enough to eat by sharing everything with each other. In addition, they give top priority to the young (larvae) and protect the queen and other ants with their own lives. Their lives are entirely based on cooperation and continuous communication. Here we can learn something from them. Be amazed by these intelligent animals and observe the development of a colony with a queen and a few workers into an adult colony with thousands of ants in just a few years. Ants are heroes.


Just as ants... hard workers...

In 2009 I (Jan-Peter Oudenampsen) started with the keeping of ants as pets. Soon this hobby resulted in a business and now I am glad to be able to work full time on promoting ants as a pet and making and selling suitable products via our webshop I do presenations/workshops at schools and organizations, and I have been featured in various TV shows in the Netherlands. I've even be able to collaborate on 2 Dutch nature films (the ant scenes) Together with a number of biologists, researchers and specialists, I am affiliated with the MWG (the ants working group in the Netherlands), which is committed to research and the well-being of the ants in the Netherlands. In our showroom I breed a variety of ant colonies. By appointment you are always welcome to visit us in Apeldoorn! In the meantime, I work with the following great (professional) people:

My name is Tobias and meanwhile I work together in this crazy company a couple of years now. It's great to see how the company has developed in these years. In addition to creating the pictures and videos, I manage the social media, among other things, and I participate in all areas of the company. I especially like the commercial part and develop the company in that way. Like we sometimes say to eachother: Like an ant colony is Ant's Kingdom; always busy!

I am Ruben and since 2017 I am working at Ant's Kingdom. Jan-Peter found out that ants are heroes! As people we can learn a lot about their fascinating way of life. I spend a lot of time taking care of the ants to make sure they do not lack anything. I also am ready to answer your questions and packing and shipping your order. I wish you a lot of fun looking around on our website to check all the interesting animals, products and of course our ants above all!

Rene Smits

I'm René. I work for Ant's Kindom since September 2016 and I am in particular responsible for the Master Series, which I put together for Ant's Kingdom. I find it incredibly fun to see how Ant's Kingdom blows you for ants. I myself also like ants, but outside in my garden ... just something else so ... ;-) Beautiful to see and to hear how JP has his passion for ants. His enthusiasm is just contagious and makes it more fun to make something new every time. I wish you a lot of fun with your ants, you have something valuable that you can enjoy for a long time.

Wouter Oudenampsen

Hi, I'm Wouter. The first time that Jan-Peter made me acquainted with his ants, I was immediately fascinated! From that moment on, I also wanted my own ant colony. The first ant colony was the Lasius niger species and what I was happy with! Unfortunately, I just knew a little too less about the care and I got up to speed with building a huge nest ... with the death of the entire colony as a sad consequence. In the days after this exprience, I studied a lot about keeping ants and taking the right care.  Since the beginning of Ant's Kingdom, I have been able to assist and support in contacting, taking care of ants and developing ever-better nests. At the moment, I'm mainly involved in growing colonies, which I really like to do. I hope you will also be caught by the 'ant virus' as that happened to me! On this site you can find everything you need to make your hobby a success. Please feel free to let us know if we can support you.